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To increase your success in applying our coaching lessons into your everyday life, consider hiring a coach. Listed below are the enhanced features you receive as a Summit Journey Coaching student. Our goal is to keep our coaching affordable and available to anyone, anywhere.
Accomplish More With a Coach
Hiring a Coach - What You Get

The Cost: $49 per month. For the cost of a few trips to Starbucks you can partake in a powerful and useful coaching experience.
The vision of Summit Journey Coaching is to provide success coaching to anyone, anywhere. Historically, corporations have offered coaching services primarily to executives and senior management. Private coaching services are often costly, making them seemingly out of reach for the average person. At Summit Journey Coaching we want to make it more affordable and convenient for everyone to have access to a coach and the valuable lessons they provide.

But why pay for coaching when there is so much available for free on the website?

  • Having a coach improves performance.
  • Live web meetings bring lessons to life. Each web meeting is recorded to allow the lesson to live on.
  • Receive guidance to help create the habit of integrating your Summit Journey work into everyday life.
  • Students and coaches together foster a community - a place of support, a place to share thoughts and ideas.
  • Deep commitment. You are choosing to invest in yourself and your personal growth.

What is the focus? We believe that success leaves clues. These success clues are all around us, and they are surprisingly simple to follow. Your coach will share these valuable lessons, unique experiences and insights during monthly web meetings and within your student community.

Our lessons will emphasize:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Communication Tools
  • Problem Solving Models
  • Decision Making Frameworks

All of this centers around you – your values, your goals, your purpose, your future and the legacy you are creating.  
Ask yourself, "Will hiring a coach increase my chance of greater success?” We're somewhat biased, but it's our belief there is no better investment you can make than taking the time and effort to focus on your personal growth and success. If you agree, take the next step and Meet Your Coach. His name is Ed Kelly, and he's looking forward to helping you figure out what you want and how to get it.

Invest in what's most important - you. Hire a Coach to help increase your success!
Why Hire a Coach?
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