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Read short and simple personal growth book reviews and lessons

Would it be helpful to not only know what books might be beneficial (or just enjoyable!), but, also receive guidance on how to integrate the book's lessons into your life?

So Smart, But...

By: Allen N. Weiner
The Go-Giver

By: Bob Burg & John David Mann
The Power of Habit

By: Charles Duhigg
Man's Search For Meaning

By: Viktor Frankl
Start with Why

By: Simon Sinek

By: Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler
Word of Mouth Marketing

By: Andy Sernovitz
Thinking Fast and Slow

By: Daniel Kahneman

By: Chip & Dan Heath
The Four Agreements

By: Don Miguel Ruize
Anything You Want

By: Derek Sivers
The Mystery of Capital

By: Hernando De Soto
Intention Experiment

By: Lynne McTaggart
It's Not as Bad as You Think

By: Brian Wesbury
Into The Wild

By: Jon Krakauer