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Ed Kelly, chairman and founder of Summit Journey Coaching, is excited to be your coach. Learn more about Ed, his history and why he feels having a coach can increase your success, as it has for him.
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I envision a day when millions of individuals and tens of thousands of companies use SJC to create more success in their lives - in their careers, with their families or just for themselves. I look forward to a time when our tools, our lessons and our processes become the foundation for these millions of people to figure out what they want for themselves and then help them get it.

For our free Self-Guided Coaching students, I see our Summit Journey process as a launching point toward a more successful life. By consistently working on their Summit Journey, watching our short video lessons and expanding their reading lists with our book reviews, those who prefer to work on their own can use our coaching tools to effect positive change as they work towards the successful life they seek.

For our Personal Coaching students, I see SJC as a source of constant support as they begin and continue on their Summit Journey. Our student community will be a place where students obtain an infinite amount of value as they bounce their thoughts, ideas and feelings off each other and their coach. In my vision, Personal Coaching will always be affordable and available to those who want to invest in themselves.

If you'd like to learn more about how I see Summit Journey Coaching unfolding in the future, you can view my entire Summit Journey here.