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Learn more about how you can use your Summit Journey to help you figure out what you want for yourself and how to get it. This site is designed to give you a private, centralized place to work towards a successful life. It's available for you anytime, from any where for FREE!
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Registering on our website is free and allows you to create, record and maintain your work within your Summit Journey. By spending just 15 minutes a day in your Summit Journey - focusing on you - we feel you'll make great strides increasing your life successes!

To Register for a Summit Journey account, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Summit Journey Coaching homepage
  • Fill in your First Name and Last Name
  • Type in your Email Address
  • Create a Password, which is 100% private from everyone (including our employees and our programmers)
  • Re-type your Password for confirmation
  • Let us know how you heard about Summit Journey Coaching
  • Click on Register

You're finished! You now have access to start working within your Summit Journey.

  • Start getting clear on what you want for yourself and how to get it.
  • Save your work in a central, easily accessible location.
  • Keep what you've written in your Summit Journey private and secure.
  • Work on your Values, Goals, Mission, Vision and Purpose.
  • Write out your thoughts or lessons you've learned in your Notebooks.
  • Get help from your virtual coach, which is found within each section of your Summit Journey. Look for Guidance, Tips and Examples.

And remember, this is all free.

Take 30 seconds now and Register for Free - get started on creating a central, easy access personal growth platform that's just for you!