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It is our company's intent to always have our website - including its tools, resources and models - available to the public for free. We want anyone, anywhere to benefit from the information we provide and to feel inspired to improve their lives through our lessons, recommended readings and their own self-discovery.
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Being clear about what you want for yourself is the first step in building a powerful and successful life.

For over 40 years, Roy Geer, godfather of Summit Journey Coaching, has used this exercise as the foundation for his coaching lessons. Roy maintains - and we agree - that you can begin the process of figuring out what you want by identifying your Personal Values. This lays the groundwork for discovering your Life's Purpose. And it's in knowing your Life's Purpose that you can then figure out how to get what you want by building your Mission, Vision and Goals.

We all have personal values, but not everyone is crystal clear about which are their most important values. Roy's Exercise is a fast, effective and fun way to gain this clarity. By simply taking 15 minutes to walk through this exercise, guided by Roy himself, you will come out at the end having recognized your most important values and even your life's purpose as it stands today. Quite a good return on such a short investment of time!

We feel this exercise is a great way to get started on your Summit Journey. Go ahead - take a few minutes to complete Roy's Exercise. You are worth the time!