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It is our company's intent to always have our website - including its tools, resources and models - available to the public for free. We want anyone, anywhere to benefit from the information we provide and to feel inspired to improve their lives through our lessons, recommended readings and their own self-discovery.
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Reading is a big part of a student's self-study, and when it comes to personal growth, or any topic for that matter, there are just so many good books out there!

We want to make it easy for you to start or continue your Self-Guided Coaching by sharing some of our favorite books with you. We promise to keep the book reviews short, simple and actionable.

  • Pick up on key concepts that align with the Summit Journey Coaching lessons and models with a quick read through our reviews.
  • We'll also suggest ways to put these key concepts to use in your own Summit Journey work on the website.
  • Our Summit Journey team will regularly add to the library, so keep coming back to see new book reviews.
  • You can buy any book that looks good to you by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.
  • For each book purchased through Summit Journey Coaching's website, the company receives a small portion of the sale as an "affiliate" to the book seller. All proceeds received from these book sales are donated to non-profit organizations.

Find out which Book Reviews will contribute to your personal growth work within your Summit Journey.