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It is our company's intent to always have our website - including its tools, resources and models - available to the public for free. We want anyone, anywhere to benefit from the information we provide and to feel inspired to improve their lives through our lessons, recommended readings and their own self-discovery.
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The key component of our Self-Guided Coaching area of the website is what we call your Summit Journey. We deem it yours because you are the creator - it's your thoughts, explorations and learning's that will define how you shape this area and how it will mirror what you want and how you plan to get it.

At the heart of your Summit Journey is the Summit Journey Pyramid. The foundation of this pyramid is your Personal Values. Built upon the strength of your Values are your Goals, Mission, Vision and Purpose, and each directly incorporates what you determine to be your most important values. Your Values, Purpose, Mission and Vision will help you get a clear picture of what you want for yourself. Your Goals and Key Activities are what will get you what you want. Within each section is space for you to discover, acknowledge and evolve through your writing.

If you need additional space, or a separate area, to explore your thoughts or filter what you'd like to place within your Summit Journey Pyramid sections, we have provided three Notebooks for you. Write down in detail how you feel, what you've learned or why you've chosen to take a certain path. By having an area where your words can flow freely, you'll be able to thoroughly explore what you want in your heart.

Sections devoted to Lists, Notes and acknowledging your Accomplishments for the day are also part of your Summit Journey. We believe it's important to have the tools that directly affect your Summit Journey supported by organizational resources and a place front and center (literally!) for your affirmations. Centralizing these components will likely take your journey to a whole new level.

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