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It is our company's intent to always have our website - including its tools, resources and models - available to the public for free. We want anyone, anywhere to benefit from the information we provide and to feel inspired to improve their lives through our lessons, recommended readings and their own self-discovery.
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At Summit Journey Coaching, we believe that success leaves clues all around us. They help us discover what we want and how we can get it. Our short video lessons are designed not only to share these simple success clues, but more importantly, they are designed to help you put the lesson into action. We must take action on the lessons we learn before we can expect to see any positive change in our lives.

Our lessons cover such topics as decision-making skills; communication tools; problem-solving models; and other concepts that contribute to your success at home, work, with money or with relationships. We hope they will help you build, or improve on, a life you can be proud of. The video lessons are free, short and easy to implement.

Watch a few of our lessons - and if you like them, share them with others in your life!