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Are you the type of High School or College Student who:
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    Seeks knowledge beyond the textbook?
    Has a bigger goal than just graduation?
    Would like tools and guidance that can make an immediate impact on
       class performance?
    Wants to stay ahead of the pack by learning real-life lessons early in life and in your career?
    Wants to stand out from the crowd, especially when seeking internships and job interviews?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you area student who could benefit from the Free Coaching we offer at Summit Journey Coaching. A good start would be to take Roy's Exercise, which will help you clarify your most important values and begin the process of discovering your life's purpose. Or you can watch one of our many Coaching Lessons. You can do all of this without even registering.

Become a Registered User to take advantage of even more coaching tools and resources – all for free.These resources will help you apply what you learn at Summit Journey Coaching into your own life. On top of that, any work you do within your Summit Journey is saved, making it convenient for you to continue where you left off.