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There are many ways to lead a successful life. We think the tools within our Summit Journey pyramid provide a useful and structured approach to helping you figure out what you want for yourself and how to get it.
Our Process: Simple, But Not Easy
Step 1: Figure Out What Your Want
Step 2: Get What You Want
The goal of the Summit Journey process is to help all Self-Guided and Personal Coaching students figure out what they want for themselves, and then how to get what they want.

We understand this process won't be for everyone. In order for the Summit Journey process to work for you, it requires the following from you:

  • Desire to figure out what you want for yourself
  • Intention to focus a certain amount of time each day or week on you
  • Use the Summit Journey Coaching website regularly

We recommend our students spend 15 minutes per day working within their Summit Journey. But even if you take just two minutes to fill out your daily Accomplishments, that's great! No matter the duration, this is time you spend focused on yourself, which will only help your efforts to improve success in your life.

The heart of the Summit Journey process is the Summit Journey pyramid. Getting clear on your Values, Purpose, Mission and Vision will help you figure out what you want for yourself. Working on your Goals, and the Key Activities that make up those goals, you will create a defined path of how to get what you want.

Whether through your personal coach or through the guidance, tips and examples we provide as your virtual coach, please familiarize yourself with each section of the pyramid. Your work within your Summit Journey will be more productive the more familiar you are with the meaning of these terms and the purpose of each section.

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How Can Our Process Help You?
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