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Learn more about how you can use your Summit Journey to help you figure out what you want for yourself and how to get it. This site is designed to give you a private, centralized place to work towards a successful life. It's available for you anytime, from any where for FREE!
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The pyramid is the heart and core of your Summit Journey and of everything we do at Summit Journey Coaching. Through the work you do within each section of the pyramid, it's our vision that the structure provided within will help you identify what you want for yourself and give you the support to create a path that will help you get what you want.

Figure out what you want for yourself.

  • Values
    The Values section is at the base of the Summit Journey pyramid because we feel it is your values that provide the foundation of your Summit Journey work.

  • Purpose
    The Purpose section is at the top because it is our belief that consistently following that purpose is what we all strive to do. We recommend, as a new user, that you name your top three most important values and then use those values to help you discover your life's purpose.

  • Mission and Vision
    The Mission and Vision sections are purposefully placed in between the Values and Purpose section. Work within these sections relies heavily on the values you have identified. We have found your mission statement and vision for your ideal future must be aligned with your values in order to synthesize sustainable growth within your life.

Get what you want for yourself.

  • Goals
    Setting Goals gives you a way to choose how to get what you want for yourself. Having written goals, and key activities that help define how you will accomplish these goals, gives you a path and direction for successfully accomplishing your goals.

For each step of the Summit Journey Pyramid, simply click on the step and begin to explore that section. Begin to explore your own steps in this journey. Each page has Guidance, Tips and Examples to help get you started. But again, there are no rules. Interpret each section as fits best for you, your life and your journey.

We strongly encourage you to work on your Summit Journey in whatever way suits you best. You do not have to do each step of the pyramid in any particular order. There is no specific time frame for completing it. Some people are reluctant to write such things down, for fear you are now stuck with it. You're not stuck with anything! Revisit and change your Values, Goals, Mission, Vision, and even your Purpose, whenever you wish.

Register for Free now and you can begin your Summit Journey immediately. Personal growth and success lie within you. It's your job to recognize it, and we want to help you by providing a supportive but flexible structure for you to work within.