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Learn more about how you can use your Summit Journey to help you figure out what you want for yourself and how to get it. This site is designed to give you a private, centralized place to work towards a successful life. It's available for you anytime, from any where for FREE!
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Our vision in creating Summit Journey Coaching is to have a private place online where a user can figure out: (1) what they want for themselves and (2) how to get it, in any area of their life. We have seen our vision come to fruition, and we call this area of our website your Summit Journey.

We hope you'll use your Summit Journey as a centralized location to work on various aspects of your life, such as your career and your relationships. Our goal is to help you gain clarity on what you want for yourself and help direct you on how to get it through our website's tools, lessons and guidance. Whether you access your Summit Journey daily, weekly or monthly is up to you. All the information you store within your Summit Journey will still be right here, ready for you to work on what's most important to you at that moment.

Within your Summit Journey, you have the following resources to assist you on your path toward a more successful life.

  • The Summit Journey Pyramid - to identify what you want though your Values, Mission, Vision and Purpose and work on how to get it through your Goals.
  • Notebooks - to write out your thoughts, ideas and learnings
  • My Accomplishments - to acknowledge positive actions or steps you've taken within your Summit Journey
  • My Lists and My Notes - to help keep you organized
  • And much more!

Feel free to use these tools in any way that serves you best. Don't worry about trying to "be right", just have fun with it!

To learn more about The Summit Journey, check out the information we provide in the following sections of this page.

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What is the Summit Journey?
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