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Would you like to have a place online to focus on your values, your goals, your future…those things that matter the most to you?

The Summit Journey is YOUR journey.
It is the logical process of building and directing your life based upon your personal values, with clear goals, a powerful vision that draws us forward, and a purpose surrounding it all.

Ed Kelly Coaching provides you with some help along the way. It is nice to have some help at times, and we provide that help both on the website and with our coaches.

We believe everyone needs to find their own way. So the Summit Journey process is very flexible. You can do it your own way, at your own pace.

We believe people learn in different ways, so we have text explanations, video lessons, tools, exercises and live coaches. You can use any or all of the resources, however and whenever you want to use them.

We believe in Freedom, so there is no coercion, no trickery, and no bait and switch. If you want to use the free website materials, tools, lessons, and never come over to the enhanced coaching side of things (live group coaching and personalized 1-1 coaching), that is absolutely fine. We are committed to making the free side abundant with useful things to help you in your life. If you want to hire an Ed Kelly Coach, that is fine too. We think many people will prefer additional guidance, in groups or 1-1.

The Summit Journey never ends. But it does start. It starts with the Values exercises. We identify our most important personal values, and those become the foundation of our pyramid, of our Summit Journey. We work on our Goals, and our Mission and our Vision. We help you gain a simple clarity about your Life Purpose (see the Interactive Exercise on the front page). And each day we check in. How did we do today? What did we learn? What do I want to give myself credit for? I may want to write in my diary, to keep some ideas alive or to think out loud. I may want to read a book review. I can check on my progress towards a particular goal. Did I do the key activities today?

We are confident that the more you spend time here on your Summit Journey, the more you revisit your work, take your notes, make your plans, list out your tasks… the more likely you will accomplish what is important to you in your life.

You can fill in your pyramid, the five sections of your Summit Journey quickly, or over time. There is no right way for everyone. We’ll guide you along the way.