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Goal Achievement

Coaching Lessons, Business Coaching
Short , simple lessons that can impact anyone, anywhere:

Connecting the Pieces of Your SJ
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Looking at your Summit Journey as a whole can help you tie important pieces together and increase your success!

From Problem to Solution
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Problems tend to stop us. By thinking forward to a solution and identifying action steps, we can have more opportunity for success!

The Power of Profound Simplicity
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Profound simplicity comes with greater understanding. But first you have to go through the Complexity's learning curve.

Mercy & Goal Achievement
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Being kind to yourself actually leads to greater goal achievement!

Vision: Break Through Barriers
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Have the courage to think big and imagine what your ideal life could be!

The Decision Making Funnel
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What if you could be at least 25% more effective in making decisions everyday?

Example: Using the Dialogue Model
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Here is how a conflict situation can end in a mutual resolution, if you use The 5 Points of Dialogue. 

Example: No Dialogue Structure
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Here is how a conversation can go if it isn't a structured conversation or if you aren't using a model like The 5 Points of Dialogue. 

Do Resolutions Make Good Habits?
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Should you bank on resolutions or habits to get what you want?

Taking Control of Your Habits
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You get to choose your good habits, and which habits you want to turn into Rituals.

Tying Your Goals to Your Values
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Do your Goals align with your Values, or are they in conflict?

Vision Pull vs. Problem Push: Part 2
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When you "push" you run into the counter-productive area of "shoulds".

Vision Pull vs. Problem Push: Part 1
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Create your Vision and then "pull" yourself toward that Vision.

The Last Freedom
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Between stimulus and response you have choice. No one can take that away from you!

The Three Myths of Coaching
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Ed discusses and dispels the three myths that deter people from coaching.


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