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Learn more about how you can use your Summit Journey to help you figure out what you want for yourself and how to get it. This site is designed to give you a private, centralized place to work towards a successful life. It's available for you anytime, from any where for FREE!
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You may have chosen, for now, to explore and work on your Summit Journey without hiring a coach - that's no problem! Even without a personal coach at your side, it was our goal to give our Self-Guided Coaching users a virtual coach to help them with the initial stages of their Summit Journey.

Within each section of your Summit Journey, you will find we've integrated written and visual assistance for you.

Don't know where to start? Click on "Tips for using these tools" on the Summit Journey main page. You'll find we've given you a whole host of information on the various sections of your Summit Journey. And from there, we think you'll get a good idea of where you'd like to start your Summit Journey work.

On each of the Summit Journey Pyramid sections, you'll also find:

  • Guidance
  • Tips
  • Examples
  • Video lessons that are relevant to each pyramid section (Values, Goals, Mission, Vision, Purpose)
  • Additional guidance, tips and examples

It's here that we explain a little more behind each Summit Journey Pyramid section's meaning and how we see our users working within it. But we understand each user may have their own unique take on how they see each section working best for them and their personal situation. That's great! Feel free to move around your Summit Journey as you please, and to use the tools in a way that maximizes what you get back from the work you do within your Summit Journey.

As we see opportunities to improve our virtual coach, you may see examples change or additions to the written guidance. We want to keep you learning and growing, and we think our virtual coach will help you on that path.

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